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Pictures up!
Me at Hogwarts
gina_r_snape wrote in who_york
The Who York website now has a few pictures up from our event with Louise Jameson.

Go check them out, if you have a moment.

I also posted a few pictures on my own LJ.

It was a fun evening and Ms. Jameson was an absolute delight.

If you didn't make it to this event, we hope you can make it to the next one!

Enjoy the photos.

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Glad to hear it went splendidly. I work Tuesday nights, so I couldn't even consider coming. Hoping the next one is on a different night.

Splendidly indeed. Thanks! Sorry you had to work.

FYI - DWNY will be showing Waters of Mars this Sunday at Professor Thoms starting at 7pm.

I have to work on Sunday, so I'll probably end up watching it at home. I'm hoping that I'll make the next pub meet, though.

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